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Simple design at your home to bring more Zen!

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This is the interior design of famous Indian designer Rajee Stood. In her house, she prefers to use black and brown details. She suggest to be simple to bring more Zen. Here are some interior design ideas from Rajee Stood.

There is always new and exciting things happening at the store, but since the focus of all our shoots has moved from our home to other locations.  The home front is facing the typical issues of a daisy.  It is all falling apart.

And surely with the scale of working with colours and textures having gone up so drastically. When it comes to color, decompression is needed. Simplify the lines. Bring more Zen feeling with less complicated designs…

All the walls are so ready for some freshness, there are tell tale signs of the favorite doggie rubbing spots, rather obviously visible in tones of black and grimme . The upholstery and tapestries are all telling their tales . And those questioning smirks from fellow members of this household are getting the point across loud and clear.

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